Wednesday, December 24, 2014

11.49 pm

I still remember the day that I let you in. The day after I need to face a lot of shits in my life. I feel like starting to give up. Every days & nights I let my tears falling down on my cheeks. I feel like I have no chance to be happy at all.

.....and then you came. After 4 years we didn't met.

You build me up. You promised me to stay. You promised me to make me happy and helped me forget about all those shits. You calm me down. We had a deep conversation at nights. Your voice, your smile. I still remember.

You make me feel like you're the one. Eventhough my friends keep telling me rumors, telling me that you're a bad boy, asked me to not getting too attache with you. But i choosed to not care.

.......until the day you told me you're leaving. The day I think what my friends said were true. I still remember that night where we're crying together. Getting so emotional. I still remember.

And I wonder, do you feel the same?

I miss you...... and I'm still hoping that we're still together trying to achieve what we've dream before. I hope you read this. Lol naahh....