Sunday, October 13, 2013

It's a choice

Woke up with the worst toothache so basically this is what I did today, lay in bed and not do anything when clearly I had a million thing to do. There's still few chapters that I need to cover since I'm in my final exam mode. But... just decided to give myself a day to myself.I lay around in bed watching runningman. Aha

Yesterday was a truly memorable day for me.

I remember a time when people would even know my friends by their names, and that was nice, because everyone should know these few people I call friends which I spent my day with them yesterday. Sadly, it's just 7 out of 11 of us that can join the mini gathering.

I'm blessed to have been part of it.

Whenever I'm with them, I feel calmed. Forgot all those problems that keep playing on my mind. Yup, they are my happy pills.

"One thing that I've learned through ot my breakdown, fall out and depression is that sometimes it's not enough to just feel grateful with everything that you have. But you have to be patience with the things that life spit at you as well. You may not like certain things that life offers you now, but later you'll realized why it happened that way. But you just have to be patience to know the reason why." //sayonarahappyending.blogspot

You can choose to be happy or be sad instead. It's a choice. Happiness, is a choice.