Tuesday, February 14, 2017

11.41 pm

Do you ever have that feeling when you really in love with that someone, until you reach that point when you think you're important to that someone but actually.. you're not. Korbankan semua yang kau ada, sebab terlalu sayang. Yes, i've been in that situation. Walau busy macam mana pun rasa, tetap cuba untuk luangkan masa to give them priorities by giving them my attention.

 My problem is that... i cared too much. It hurts like hell when someone makes you feel special, then suddenly leaves you hanging, and you have to act like you don't care at all. The worst part is, they promised you to always stay by your side and will always be with you no matter what. At the end... they're the one who left. And you're the one who still keep the promises and try to keep loyal even though they're not even there anymore. Sampai rasa tak nak kenal dengan orang yang baru dengan alasan nak setia dengan dia. Tapi hakikatnya? Dia dah tak ada. 

Just like what i've said, it's really hard for me to move on from something i really love. He's there with me before, for two years. During my hectic matrics life, he's there to make me feel better. And i don't really understand how can he let me go that easy. It hurts me more when i know there's someone betrayed me just to take him away from him. Why is it so easy for people to take me for granted? I love everyone around me, and i don't even have any bad intention towards them. I feel bad when that bad memories keep hitting me. I keep on sacrifice myself for the people i love, but my efforts are never ever been appreciated. 

Now, i'm doing my degree in Kelantan. I feel different now you know... the one who were there for me before, always cheer me up is already gone. And the one who i thought my best friend and where i can put my trust.. is gone too. It's hard to fix things (build trust) once they get damaged so badly, isn't? I really lost myself you know.

Nothing much, i just wanted to be the old Mia for this 2017.
I'll try my best.