Tuesday, January 31, 2017

1.28 am

It's finally February guys.

I don't even know how do i feel right now, for the first time in my life... i'm not even excited for February. Yeah, it's a month for me as my birthday is on this month. But it holds too much memories of 2015 and 2016. For the first time in my life i really hope that i can skip this month and disappear bcs i know everything is not going to be the same anymore.

I don't even know whether i can get through this phase or not bcs this feelings are too hard to bare by my own self. I'm that type of person who will always remember the dates and memories. I remember EVERYTHING that happened last year and it's hurt. It's my fault for putting my hopes too high; which i think that everything will always remain the same and none of us will not going to change.

He made my February for this 2 years so lovely. We've created too much memories.

 I still remember on the 2nd where he terpaksa teman me to find some typical things for kms bcs of i have a really bad flu and fever, on the 4th which it's my turn to teman him buat cermin mata for the first time and bought him a new leather shoes for work, the 5th which he's being so emotional at night, 7th when my family were having tahlil at my house and he felt so disappointed and sad bcs he couldn't join us, on 8th which is my birthday; we both watched football games together bcs it's chelsea (me) vs man utd (him)!, the 9th which we celebrated my birthday with parkson friends at Sunway Pyramid, on the 11th the day he treated me like a princess which we celebrated my birthday just two of us; he bought me bracelet and gave me lots of memories to remember, on 13th was the day he received his spectacle and he was so happy bcs of the spect that i've chosen for him, 23-26th were so emotional days when he had to go for camping without phone and it was really hard for us and i still remember how bad mood i was during the days and nights at kms back then and the moment when he came all the way from camping just to meet me without having any enough rest, and the 29th when me and my classmates were having a competition for dodgeball and aerobic; i still remember the voicenote he sent to me and my classmates just to support us!

There's lots of thing to remember and yes, i'm so stupid to remember all that, fml.